Synthetik [v 14.0] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX

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Synthetik [v 14.0] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX


 Год выхода: 2018
 Жанр: Action, Indie, Shooter
 Разработчик/Издательство: Flow Fire Games
 Язык интерфейса:   EN/DE +  Русский
 Язык озвучки: -
 Тип издания: RePack
 Таблетка: Вшита (CODEX / PLAZA)

 Операционная система: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 
 Процессор: Intel® Core™ i3 2.66 GHz
 Оперативная память: 1024 Mb
 Звуковая плата: Аудиокарта, совместимая с DirectX® 9.0с
 Графический ускоритель: 512 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
 Свободное место на HDD: 0.4 Gb

Synthetik – это беспощадный шутер-рогалик в мире, захваченном машинами. Мощное оружие, апгрейды, населённые роботами уровни и тонны веселья ждут героя. Убей их всех, и пусть рефлексы тебя не подведут! 
Update v14
Below you can find the CHANGELOG:

Artefact UPDATE 14!


New rare multi-core chest - offering a selection of perks from all classes. 
New rare ammo unlock chest - offering a selection of ammo types. 
New rare treasure Roomba - Now drops a credits chest when destroyed.
New rare artefact collectible - offering a selection of artefacts when 2/2 are found.
Dropped on kills. This grants a strong bonus that stays for the whole run.

10 Artefacts added!

Weapon upgrade chest changed: Now grants a damage upgrade to the current weapon.
Improved model of mystery and credits chest.
Credits chest no longer spawns.
Character Stat upgrades from chests/stat kit now have sweet 3D icons.
The first character stat upgrade has 50% more stats, but only grants a selection of two
Quests now have a 50% chance of granting a stat upgrade.

New model for God shrine.
Increased in-game credits cap to 10000.
Increased crit chance cap to 40%.
Added an additional backup save file, which records each daily login.
Mystery Package terminal cost reduced from 350 to 275..
Injury treatment cost reduced from 500 to 350.
Blood donation / divine offerings can no longer kill.
Ammo drop chance increased from 1.55 to 1.65
Chests now show on the minimap after discovery on screen.
Terminals now show on the minimap after discovery on screen.

Small flying MG/Missile drone exp decreased from 100 to 40.
Glider Shotgun exp increased from 100 to 150.
Glider Railgun exp increased from 85 to 150.
Disco Spider exp increased from 35 to 75.
Missile Spider exp increased from 35 to 75.
Boss exp increased from 500 to 1000.

Beating the final boss now loops the Run, starting from the first floor again
with higher difficulty.
Terror level is raised by 50%, incoming damage increased by 50%, healing decreased by 75%
Looped rooms are dark and look different and menacing.
Looped rooms grant double the experience and 50% more credits.
Good luck!
Fixed final boss spawning enemies during the boss intro.
Server room was made easier, 10% reduced fields, enemy spawn time from 6 to 7 sec
Final boss now closes the door so no new enemies can spawn in

Credits received for recycling the follow item tiers has been increased:
Blue - 200 to 300.
Epic - 350 to 450.
Legendary - 500 to 650.

New Weapon - ANNIHILATOR (Legendary)

Fixed weapon drop cooldown not saving properly. Weapon drops should now be more varied.
Weapon (and item) extra drop chance from main menu tokens now works as expected.
Having all attachment slots filled and using an upgrade kit now grants 3 random stat upgrades.
Having weapon stat upgrades maxed now shows a message and grants 1% additional damage.
Weapon perks are now split into weapon perks and variant / other perks in the menu.

Object 29 DPS increased by 10%.
ACR fire rate slightly reduced.
Spas 12 damage increased by 14%.
Boltcaster damage increased by 15% and more accurate.
Kaida Honorary headshot damage increased by 10%.
Last Breath headshot damage increased by 10% - Now has the “empowered last shot” Perk

Fixed grenade launcher ammo not triggering properly - Both grenade launchers are much better.
M79 grenades now have double explosions, max ammo reduced.
Fixed AEK grenade perk not buffing correctly.

Questlog arrow now shows correct direction when dead.
Fixed incorrect coop chat location.
Best accuracy stat fixed.
Upgrade kits no longer shown in the death statistics
Added display for current terror level in the character menu.
Terminal selection arrows now flash and move sideways for better visibility.
Added notification recommending that player stands still when over 65% of shots are while moving, 90 sec cd

New Item - G87 ‘Beamer’ (Common)
New Item - Icarus (Epic)
New Item - Redline (Legendary)

Healing Vial removed, may come back in a different state.
Each class has their own healing item already and we don’t want to encourage double or triple heal item setups, which we view as unfun. 
Acid grenade fixed, now applies damage correctly and range increased from 125 to 165.
Fixed item variants with higher than 100% power not giving all stats.
Item upgrade scaling fixed, now scales conservatively when default power is over 100%.
Fixed upgrade kit chance for double upgrades not working.
Methadone duration no longer scales.
Duration, healing, and resistance all scaling was making it too powerful.
Aimbot item buffed - Now, each kill while active grants permanently increased accuracy.
Lightning Battery cooldown reduced from 40s to 28s.
Sentry DMR turret rank 1+2 firerate reduced
Elite rank changed: deals double damage with double burst and reload each 2 shots
Hopefully fixes Divine reconstructor not saving you in some cases
A couple of items can now drop multiple times, allowing for multiple copies in your inventory.
This is a new feature we’d like to test out and would love to receive your feedback on. Please let us know what you think of this change in the forums or on Discord.

Module Hold Breath increases crit chance cap now.
Fixed Drone Mod module only shooting after 16 minutes.
Heavy crossbow starting item removed for the moment
Stimulants regeneration nerfed
Fixed Fortify Position not giving max ammo.

New Restricted Look mode - You can toggle between between both modes 
by pressing the right thumb stick

Fixed varied issues and crashes
Fixed freeze when no pickup / deployable position can be found
We would have liked to do more fixes for this update but we will focus more on bugs, crashes and stability in the next 1-2 weeks. Up next is the port to the v2 version of the engine, the new relay servers for multiplayer and more content as usual. 

Fixed one bigger issue with the ports / hole punching.
Fixed some issues
Особенности Игры
Прочувствуй физику стрельбы. Учись владеть оружием, тренируй меткость и рефлексы, развивай стратегическое мышление. Мужественно сражайся с "Легионом машин". Убивай солдат, взрывай танки, сбивай дронов. Что угодно, лишь бы спасти человечество.
Настрой модификаторы сложности. 10 вариантов, от которых зависит риск и награда.
Играй за один из 4 уникальных классов: защитника, бродягу, коммандос или специалиста. У каждого класса своё оружие, снаряжение и навыки. Найди и опробуй 60 с лишним видов оружия, для которых есть множество модификаций и примочек. Комбинируй их с арсеналом из более чем 80 предметов.
Особенности RePack
Установи и играй!
За основу взята лицензия Steam (ID: 528230)
Версия игры: v14.0
EN/RU Инсталлер
Запуск игры с рабочего стола
Качество аудио 100%
Качество видео 100%



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