XCOM 2 - Update 2 (CODEX)

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XCOM 2 - Update 2 (CODEX)


Игра: XCOM 2
Версия: Update 2
Релиз-группа: CODEX
Защита: Steam + CEG


Update 2: 


•    Added Zip Mode gameplay option. While Zip Mode is enabled animation (like step outs & gremlin movements) speeds are significantly increased. Normal movement animations are moderately increased
•    Fixed an issue where shadow rendering during glam cam shot transitions was slowing down performance
•    Support for nVidia SLI and AMD Crossfire
•    Removed MSAA options from default presets and adjusted autodetect to target 40FPS instead of 30FPS
•    Reworked Light Clipping Manager
•    Particle Vertex Buffer Reallocation
•    Optimization to shadows in the Avenger
•    Enable triple buffering to fix VSync performance
•    Shadowed light fade out within Avenger; Disabled Post & Pre Mission cinematic lights not being used
•    Disabled shadow casting from character lights w/in Avenger
•    Reduced High Shadow Resolution - Reduce shadow resolution when set to HIGH to 1536, instead of 2048
•    Reduces the impact count of the Avatar Rifle
•    Removed a hitch that occurs when the camera enables/disables building visualizer
•    Deferred profile saves to next tick. This prevents multiple calls within the same frame from creating multiple requests to save the profile
•    After changing graphics settings, based on the selected preset, extra crew will be capped
•    Character head mesh optimized 


•    Mimic beacon rebalance: Price increased to 75
•    Mimic beacons can no longer take cover, and are guaranteed to be hit by enemy shots
•    Wet Work is no longer retroactive
•    Graze is no longer a chance for 100% shots. Targets being shot by a concealed attacker cannot dodge 


•    Added a new recommended Steam Controller configuration with support for additional actions
•    Fixed an issue where VIP units would take damage when their origin location was damaged
•    Fixed an issue where Promotion Earned text appeared before action is seen on screen
•    Fixed an issue where civilians pathed to the base of ladders and blocked XCOM units
•    Fixed an issue where Character Pool choices like Class, Attitude, and props did not save
•    Fixed an issue where weapons did not keep names and customizations upon tier bump
•    Fixed an issue causing some scan timers to go into negative time
•    Engineering items that are full squad upgrades are now designated in the UI
•    Fixed an issue where strategy project timers reset if players started building a radio relay immediately after making contact with a region
•    Fixed an issue with POIs not spawning when first visiting the Geoscape if Beginner VO is turned off
•    Removed start-of-turn hang during certain missions where enemy units had fallen out of the world. Auto-saves (and ironman saves) made in these situations should now be playable
•    Minimized action camera obstructions
•    Minimized camera look-at hopping during AI abilities
•    Fixed an issue where Psi abilities did not trigger death cams
•    Kill Zone now respects concealment status
•    Fixed an issue where the Ever Vigilant AWC perk did not work for Sharpshooters
•    Buildings don't cut down when tabbing through units
•    Fixed an exploit that skips the AI turn by spamming the END/BACKSPACE button while the Player's last action is being visualized
•    Rapid Fire and Chain Shot visualization optimized to get the second shot to fire faster
•    Fixed an issue where shot HUD wings would fail to re-open after taking an action that required the wings to close
•    Fixed an issue where crit chance would be negatively affected by shots with a success chance greater than 100
•    Optimized Return Fire hits causing long delays
•    Optimized AI reveals causing long hangs
•    Optimized Wait actions causing long timeouts
•    Optimized falling unit visualization to timeout faster
•    Updated the Geoscape save description to use the localized HQ time, instead of previously used GMT game time
•    Fixed an issue with an invalid spawn point on a specific Retaliation mission plot
•    Destroyed cover does not take reduce % to-hit on enemies 


•    New option to only use Character Pool creations until the pool is exhausted
•    Bulletproofing bad saves from causing main menu crashes
•    Fixed an issue causing hitches in strategy
•    Fixed an issue where armor customizations did not save 


•    Unit Highlighting Flash when targeting units 


•    MULTIPLAYER: Fixes slow communications with internet players resulting in delays between actions, turns, and end-of-game screen.
•    Added camera rotation to MP

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