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ДОПОЛНЕНИЯ (addon) к играм


18.12.2016, 18:59


Год выпуска: 2016
Язык интерфейса: ENG
Версия: Update 1-2
Релиз-группа: FLT/GOG
Требуемая версия: SUPERHOT (SUPERHOT Team) (GOG) (ENG) [L] - FLT
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Список изменений
Update Notes:
  - added a screen selection option to Windows launcher
  - fixed a number of graphics glitches on Linux
  - fixed an issue with performance degrading on a high-end PCs
    in selected cases
  - fixed an issue with quality settings not applying in selected cases
  - fixed an issue with game crashing at start in selected cases
  - fixed an issue with replays not uploading to Killstagram
    for users with a plus sign in username
  - fixed audio glitch in treedude
  - fixed [redacted] into stunned enemies
  - fixed malfunctioning weapons when picking them right after [REDACTED]
  - fixed game logic bugs in [REDACTED] challenge
  - fixed occasionally missing sounds issue
  - fixed occasional progress loss in Challenges
  - fixed bunch of minor game logic issues
  - fixed another issue with performance degrading on a
    high-end PCs in selected cases
  - fixed v-sync halving framerate in selected cases

 РАЗМЕР  298,48 MB

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