Obliteracers [v] (2016) PC | Патч

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Obliteracers [v] (2016) PC | Патч


Игра: Obliteracers
Дата выпуска игры: 2016
Дата выпуска обновления: 17 марта 2016
Язык интерфейса: Русский, английский, MULTi6
Версия обновления:
Требуемая версия игры: Лицензия от CODEX
Таблетка: Присутствует | "CODEX" 

Описание: Obliteracers – межгалактические боевые гонки в футуристическом будущем. В игре вас ждут захватывающие соревнования на разнообразных машинах и летательных аппаратах. В качестве участников выступят мультяшные инопланетные существа, а сами соревнования развернутся на экзотических внеземных мирах. Используйте различные бонусы для оружия и все свои гоночные навыки, чтобы одолеть коварных противников и стать единоличным победителем соревнований. В Obliteracers вы сможете играть в одиночку, соревноваться с друзьями или с другими игроками по сети.

Added in-game keyboard remapping support. Configure under Controls > Keyboard Layout. Select an action to assign a new key. Press Shift to revert to default. If you previously used CustomInput.ini for keyboard remapping, you may want to remove this file.
Added DirectInput controller support. Enable in-game under Controls > DirectInput.
You can now connect 16 DirectInput controllers directly to the game.
Tested: Xbox 360 wired/wireless, Xbox One, DualShock 3, DualShock 4, Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Racing Wheel, Rock Candy Wireless Gamepad for PS3
Unrecognized controllers will use a default controller profile mapping and create an editable ini file under:
If you edit the ini file to support a new controller, please share it in the community hub, and we'll integrate it into the next build for everyone to enjoy.
You can use the following DirectInput tool to help you figure out which buttons and axes to assign:
Or press Windows + R, type "joy.cpl", press Enter, click on your game controller, then go to the Test tab.
Added "Host Friends Only" support. Now you can host online matches that your friends can join without an invitation (like a public match, but unlisted).
Fixed slow vehicles in online multiplayer. Two issues were resolved: running below 30fps caused your vehicle to slow down proportionately, and a UE4 physics bug that caused random slowdowns for players running at non-60 frame rates, but only after the first match.
Fixed vehicles sometimes dying for no reason on the curvy ramps in NuVark.
Rewrote a chunk of the netcode prediction logic to better handle players with high lag. No more unfair deaths for laggy clients!
Added glowing rising trophy icon into scoring VFX for better UX feedback.
Match scoring popups (10 POINTS LEFT) now appear from 1-10 and all multiples of 10 points to give better feedback about how long is left in the match.
Racer numbers on HUD now use outline colour to distinguish local players (white) vs remote players (grey) vs bots (black). Helps with tracking your racer in busy matches.
NuVark maps no longer unfairly kill racers for driving too close to shopfront windows in city section.
NuVark shortcut: Players can now jump over the gap near the starting line going across to the city section when playing in reverse.
Clawtopia shortcut: Players can now jump behind the palm tree over the water when playing in reverse (just after driving through the UFO).
Obliteracers Gamepad: Added accelerometer layout option, experimental Windows Phone support.
Obliteracers Gamepad: Default and all layouts except relative now use absolute positioning for the menu and airstrike.
Obliteracers Gamepad: Added translations for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian.
Obliteracers Gamepad: Fixed bringing up the game menu occasionally dismissing it immediately again.
Adjusted several career race game lengths based on analytics.
Minor tweaks to quality settings to improve performance on various PCs.
Fixed a bug that allowed players to play career races they hadn't unlocked yet.
Fixed stomp being a little too generous with kills, particularly on starting line when vehicles bunch up against each other.
Transporter Night Swim is no longer as slippery. Transporter Iceberg is also less slippery. (Transporter Sea Sick is still as slippery as before. Slippety slop!)
Fixed keyboard prompt not appearing sometimes on Choose Racer screen when joining an online match.
Show Racer Numbers now works as expected regardless of Show User Names setting.
Fixed an Endurance bug where the vehicle weapon would sometimes appear without the vehicle for late-joiners.
Changed Versus default Max Racers from 16 to 8 so new players are less overwhelmed.
Fixed shield (and other buttons) getting stuck occasionally after a round restart.
Added mouse support to Back + Select buttons in frontend.
Hide mouse during Choose Racer screens so it's clear mouse interaction does not work on these screens.
Worked around a rare crash on game startup relating to smartphone controller tech on certain machines.
When hosting a private match, the Steam Invite Players overlay will automatically appear when you first enter the match.
Added Invite Players option to Match Over menu in online games (in addition to Invite Players option in Pause menu).
Reordered maps in Versus menu to put easier maps at the start, harder maps at the end.
Fixed Road Spill and Catch The Wave achievements being rather difficult to achieve due to flawed logic.
Fixed rare camera issue with Endurance mode, when a vehicle would get jammed against a wall while instant respawning.
Fixed rare online issue where scoreboard would get out of sync for net clients after a few map travels.

1. Установить патч из папки Update|setup.exe. 
2. Скопировать содержимое папки CODEX в папку игры. 
3. Смена языка, открыть файл steam_api.ini заменить english на russian.
4. Играть

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