Euro Fishing Update 1 and 2 - CODEX

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Euro Fishing Update 1 and 2 - CODEX


Год выпуска: 2015
Язык интерфейса: ENG/MULTI
Версия: Update 1 and 2
Релиз-группа: CODEX
Требуемая версия: Euro Fishing (Dovetail Games - Fishing) (ENG/MULTi3) [L] - CODEX
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3. Играть


Список изменений
update 1.and.2:
Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with weight achievements not being unlocked
Bug Fix - Fixed a crash when leaving the game
Balancing - Made fish tells more obvious in Digger Lake
Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where the bank sticks were facing the wrong way on a peg in Digger Lake
Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where only the host in Multiplayer could see fish 'shows'
Bug Fix - Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where fish tells were stacking and not ending properly.
Bug Fix - Fix issue where Host Migration in Multiplayer would fail if the new host had already been elected for a previous Host Migration.
Bug Fix - Fixed Character in Multiplayer rarely not being able to claim a peg after host migration
Bug Fix - Wind widget now correctly points in the direction of the wind from the camera POV.
Bug Fix - Registration form text being cut off
Bug Fix - Fixed player being able to leave the play area on Observatory 


Added a Loading Screen to our initial boot flow to show that the game is actively loading. No more black screen on game boot.


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